Our fleet

Concordia Maritime's fleet consists of ten P-MAX product tankers, two newly built IMOIIMAX chemical and product tankers, and one suezmax tanker.

Our fleet
NameDWTIce classYearEmployment*Partner
Stena Premium 65,200 1B 2011  Spot (light) Stena Weco
Stena Polaris 65,200 1A 2010 CVC1) (light Stena Weco
Stena Performance 65,200 1B 2006 Time charter to Jan 2017 (light) Stena Weco
Stena Provence 65,200 1B 2010 CVC (light) Stena Weco
Stena Progress 65,200 1B 2010 Time charter to April 2019 (light) Stena Weco
Stena Paris 65,200 1B 2005 CVC (light) Stena Weco
Stena Primorsk 65,200 1B 2006 Time charter to Jan 2018 (heavy) Stena Bulk
Stena Penguin 65,200 1A 2010 Spot (heavy) Stena Bulk
Stena Perros 65,200 1B 2008 Spot (heavy) Stena Bulk
Stena President 65,200 1B 2007 Spot (heavy) Stena Bulk
Stena Image 50,000   2015 Spot (light) Stena Weco
Stena Important 50,000   2015 Spot (light) Stena Weco
MR (ECO)     
Unnamed Vessel2) 50,000   2015 Spot (light) Stena Weco
Stena Supreme 158,000   2012 Spot Stena Sonangol
Suezmax Pool

*Light = light petroleum products. Heavy = heavy petroleum products.

1) Consecutive Voyage Charter

2) 50% charter November 2015–November 2017 (with an option for a further 1-6 months).