Interviews and presentations

Here we present interviews and presentations of Concordia Maritime from investor meetings, capital market days and similar events.

For more information (in Swedish) about Concordia Maritime on Remium's Introduce web site, please click here.


2017-08-18: Lloyd's Lists podcast: Hear Kim Ullman in a conversation about the development of the tanker market, changing transportation patterns and the strategy forward.

Listen to podcast here

2017-06-01: Capital Link Webinar on tanker shipping.

Kim Ullman participates in Capital Link webinar (Transcript)



2015-10-17: Capital Link Conference

2015-08-13: Teleconference/webcast: Presentation of the second quarter, 2015 

2015-06-02: Audio: Barry Parker from Capital Link interviews CEO Kim Ullman

2015-04-28: Teleconference/webcast: Presentation of the first quarter, 2015

2015-04-30: Interview (in Swedish) with CEO Kim Ullman

2015-03-23: Capital Link Forum, New York, 23 March, 2015

2015-03-19: Interview (in Swedish) with CEO Kim Ullman