Remuneration of Group management

We endeavour to offer total remuneration that is both fair and competitive. All employees receive remuneration in the form of fixed salary and the opportunity to earn a bonus. Guidelines on remuneration of Group management are adopted by the Annual General Meeting.

Remuneration of the CEO is thereafter determined by the remuneration committee. Remuneration of other senior executives is prepared and decided on by the CEO.

Remuneration committee

The Board has a remuneration committee, which makes proposals on Group management remuneration guidelines relating to:

  • Targets and rationale for calculating variable pay
  • The relationship between fixed and variable pay
  • Changes in fixed or variable pay
  • Criteria for evaluation of variable pay, long-term incentives, pensions and other benefits

The committee decides on salary and other terms of employment for the CEO. The Committee consisted of the Chairman of the Board Carl-Johan Hagman and Board member Helena Levander during 2016. The Committee met on two occasions.

For further information on remuneration, long-term incentive programs and pension plans, see note 4 in the annual report.