"P-MAX lets you focus on the job"


Captain Roman Abramovic, Stena Performance

What do you appreciate the most about your job?

– I get to do what I like, and especially when the conditions are good, I really enjoy my job. Also, being on a first class tanker like a P-MAX, you know that you can focus on the job.

What skills does a captain need?

– When we interact with terminal receptions, port officials and vetting inspectors, we have to maintain a high profile besides fulfilling all requirements. So besides necessary operational skills, it’s important to possess good communication skills, and know how to handle people. The first impression is very important; we have to represent the company in the best possible way.

What are the most difficult conditions to navigate through?

– Sailing fully loaded with drafts in different directions to consider. Certain terminals and shallow drafts can also be challenging. However, with a P-MAX tanker you are always capable to maneuver quickly which is essential in certain situations. It makes my life a lot easier!