Fellow students 2017

The Concordia Maritime (Bermuda) Ltd. Scholarship programme continues to be flourish and prove valuable for Bermudian students.  This year’s successful recipients are Alexander Cook and Chanara Smith-Rookes.

Alexander Cook is a graduate of the Warwick Academy and the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme.  He has been accepted into Cardiff University in their Marine Archeology programme that he will commence in September.   Alexander has a passion for marine archaeology and is most fascinated by the archaeological history in Bermuda and in particular the ship wrecks around Bermuda’s waters.  Xander completed a 7 week internship at BIOS (Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences) and participated in a dig exploration at Elys Harbour in conjunction with Carolina University this summer.  Both expeditions will be beneficial he prepares to pursue his higher learning studies.  

Chanara Smith-Rookes graduated from the Berkeley Institute as a Honour Roll student.   She was a dual enrollment student at Berkeley and Bermuda College where she graduated one year earlier than anticipated.  Chanara’s career ambition is to work in the area of marine science research.  She became interested in this field after becoming affiliated with the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science (BIOS) in middle school where she completed several PATI courses in scuba diving and the marine science internship programme.

Chanara has been accepted into Tampa University where she will pursue a Bachelor’s in Marine Science Biology.

Concordia Maritime (Bermuda) Ltd. wish the students much success as they chart the waters in their academic endeavours.