Key figures


Target 2020 Outcome 2020 Target 2021
LTI (Lost Time Injury) 0 2 0
LTIF (Lost Time Injury Frequency) 0 0,72 0
Number of inspections with more than 5 observations (owned vessels) 0 2 0
Average number of vetting observations per inspection (owned vessels) <4 2.5 <4
Number of port state controls resulting in detention 0 0 0
Number of piracy-related incidents 0 1 0
Damage to property 0 3 0
Medical treatment case 0 0 0
Restricted work case 0 1 0
High potential near miss 0 3 0
High risk observation 0 0 0


Damage to property

An event that results in damage to the vessel, and/or vessel equipment costing more than USD 2,000 to repair (excludes system/equipment failure).

High potential near miss

Incident that could have resulted in a serious accident.

Lost Time Injury (LTI)

An accident that results in an individual being unable to carry out his or her duties or return to work on a scheduled shift on the day after the injury, unless this is due to delays getting medical treatment ashore. Also includes fatalities.

Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF)

Safety performance measure which is the number of LTIs per million exposure hours in man-hours (LTIF = LTIs x 1,000,000/ exposure hours).

Medical treatment case (MTC)

Work-related injury requiring treatment by a doctor, dentist, surgeon or qualified health professional. MTC does not include LTI, RWC, hospitalisation for observation or a consultative examination by a doctor.

Restricted Work Case (RWC)

An injury that results in an individual being unable to carry out normal duties during a scheduled work shift or being temporarily or permanently assigned other duties on the day after the injury.