Annual General Meeting 2020

Concordia Maritime AB (publ)’s Annual General Meeting 2020 will be held on 29 April at 1 p.m at Elite Park Avenue, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Right to attend and notice of attendance

Shareholders who wish to attend the Annual General Meeting must:

  • be registered as shareholders in the share register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB on Thursday, 23 April 2020;
  • notify the company of their intention to participate and the number of assistants (max. two) who will accompany the shareholder at the following address: Computershare AB “Concordia Maritime Aktiebolag’s Annual General Meeting”, P.O. Box 5267, SE-102 46 Stockholm, Sweden, by telephone +46 771-24 64 00 or via this link no later than Thursday, 23 April 2020.

At notification, name, the name of the assistants, personal identification number/registration number, address and telephone number must be stated.

Advance voting form

Shareholders who wish to exercise the possibility of advance voting shall, in addition to being included in the shareholder’s register and having registered their participation in accordance with the convening notice, use an advance voting form, which is available on the following link

  • The advance voting form shall be sent to Concordia Maritime by e-mail to or by post to Computershare AB “Concordia Maritime Aktiebolag’s Annual General Meeting”, P.O. Box 5267, SE-102 46 Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Alternatively the advance voting form may be signed electronically by clicking on the following link, and sign with BankID (only for private individuals and only available in Swedish).
  • The advance voting form must be Concordia Maritime at hand no later than on 27 April 2020, at 4 p.m. CEST.

If the shareholder is a legal entity, a copy of the registration certificate or a similar document of authorisation is to be attached. The shareholder may not provide the postal vote with specific instructions or conditions. If so, the vote is invalid.

Attend by proxy to Computershare

Computershare has informed the company that they, free of charge, offer an opportunity for registered shareholders who are private individuals to appoint a representative appointed by Computershare to vote in accordance with the shareholder's instructions.

To enable shareholders to vote whilst not being physically present at the AGM, the registrar Computershare is offering a service to any shareholder registered to attend the AGM and holding no more than 100,000 shares to appoint Computershare to vote on their behalf, the proxy is available on request by contacting Computershare at telephone +46 771-24 64 00 or by e-mail at Computershare does not act on the company’s behalf with regards to this service.

Information about measures due to the new coronavirus

As previously stated in the notice of the AGM, Concordia Maritime will also take additional measures at the AGM in order to limit the spread of the new coronavirus. This will entail, among other things, that no beverages and food will be offered after the meeting, that some restrictions will be made as to the attendance of non-shareholders and that customary presentations will not be held. However, the company intends to record the CEO’s and CFO’s presentations in advance, and publish this on the company’s website after the AGM.

Considering the risk of infection, the company advice against physically attending the AGM, and recommends the shareholders to participate by advance voting, alternatively by proxy to Computershare, as stated above. Concordia Maritime is monitoring the continued development and will if necessary update this website with information on any additional measures that may be taken in connection with the AGM.

Below are all AGM-related documents collected.

Form for advance voting 2020

Notice to the Annual General Meeting 2020

Form of Proxy 2020

Proposal for amendment of the Articles of Association 2020

Proposal for guidelines for remuneration 2020

The Nomination Committee’s proposal to the AGM 2020