Concordia Maritime supports Mercy Ships Cargo Day

Since 2016, Concordia Maritime has been supporting Mercy Ships Cargo Day, whose purpose is to raise funds for Mercy Ships. Mercy Ships is a charity organisation that provides surgeries, dental care and other qualified medical care free of charge for people in poor countries who have no access to necessary health and medical care.

Mercy Ships operates Africa Mercy, with six fully-equipped operating theatres and six wards with a total of 80 beds on board. In 2022, Africa Mercy was joined in relief work in countries in Central and Sub-Saharan Africa by Global Mercy – an even larger, purpose-built hospital ship with six operating theatres, 200 beds, a laboratory and an eye clinic. With Global Mercy, the capacity to perform life-saving operations and train healthcare professionals is more than doubled.

The 174-meter, 37,000-ton ship has, among other things, six operating theatres, beds for 200 people, a laboratory and eye clinic. With Global Mercy, Mercy Ships expects to more than double its current capacity to perform vital operations and train medical personnel, and the vessel is expected to be in operation for 50 years.

Delivered 2021 – begins service in 2022

Global Mercy is the first vessel that Mercy Ships has designed and built from scratch and is thus completely adapted to its task. The ship was delivered from the shipyard in China during the summer of 2021, after which she began the maiden voyage to Belgium. There Global Mercy will be staffed with volunteers and have the last of the medical equipment installed.

In 2022, Global Mercy will sail to Senegal for her first contribution to Mercy Ship's important work in providing life-changing healthcare to the world's poorest.